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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Save money on your mobile phone

Mr Bargain Queen has some mobile phone tips for you...

If you think your mobile phone is costing you too much, you're probably right. Most people are paying more on their phone bill than 12 months ago. (Fortunately, Mrs Bargain Queen has always used her mobile sensibly and never had a big blow-out on her bill. Ever.)

So what can you do to cut the cost?

I've found an Australian site called PhoneChoice which lets you compare different plans, based on your individual calling pattern. It's a great way to find out if you're paying too much.

For starters, do you know the per-30 second call rate on your plan? It really does matter! Rates vary from a tiny 9c to a terrifying 66c per 30 seconds.

For the single Bargain Shopper, a capped plan can work out cheaper than using your landline. Some people have had their monthly bill slashed from around $250 to $79 on a capped plan – that'll save over $2000 (a flight to Paris) each year!

But to save money, don't just following the herd. Everyone is different, and what works for others might not suit you. The Mobile section of has a Bill Calculator where you can enter the details of your last phone bill. It will compare your calling pattern against more than 1,000 mobile plans, and rank them in order of cost.

Well worth a look - and the site has a 'tips & tricks' section with lots of other Bargain Phone ideas.

I really should tell Mrs Bargain Queen about this one, but I'll have to text her - she's on the phone...

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