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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Is your ex (favourite shop) stalking you?

Do you have an ex? I mean, an ex-favourite shop? A label you used to see all the time, until you noticed they were taking you for granted, not meeting your needs, not seeing the real you?

And since you’ve stopped seeing them, have they started “accidentally” sending you mail? Making phone calls? Telling you how much they want, need you to come back? And how hard is it to avoid an entanglement with a jilted ex when they bombard you with ‘great’ deals?

Well, don’t stand for it! Don’t put any more of your money into a failed relationship. Ask yourself: why didn’t they give you all this attention before you got tired of their crappy service and inadequate quality? Why is it only now that you’re no longer a customer that they care about you? Before, it was like ‘you don’t call, you don’t write’ – but now you’ve moved on, they can’t get enough of you!

Did you know you can take out a restraining order on spammers? If you want off their mailing lists, contact the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), and have your name listed on their national ‘Do Not Contact’ service. It’s free, and it means any direct marketing agency or mass-mailer will keep your name in their “suppression file”, stopping mail, phone calls or emails to your address. You can even write to them reply-paid, so you don’t have to pay the postage:

To stop the stalking:

ADMA Do Not Contact Service
T: 1300 792 664 (a local call in Australia)
M: Reply Paid 4054, SYDNEY NSW 2001 (free to post!)

Reclaim your mailbox!

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