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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Welcome to The Bargain Queen blog!

A little about The Bargain Queen:
  • she's 27
  • she lives in Sydney, Australia
  • she is married to a wonderful man called Mr Bargain Queen, who posts on this blog occasionally
  • she makes a living designing software and consulting, when her health permits
  • she is all about high style on a low budget
If there is a cheap way to get ANYTHING, she knows all about it. She's been financially independent from her parents since she was 15 and has always been well dressed, well fed and lived in nice places, no matter how tight the budget has been.

Most importantly, she's here to impart her Bargain Queen wisdom on YOU! If you've ever thought that designer wardrobe + gourmet food + inner city living + great interior decor = hideous credit card bill, The Bargain Queen is here to show you the cheaper way to have it all. Stay tuned for some great hints and tips!

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  Want more? Visit The Bargain Queen's new site.