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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sydney markets guide

Markets can be a great place to find cheap clothes, food, presents and a whole lot of other things too. The best guide to the markets around Sydney The Bargain Queen has found is this one on UrbanBoheme. (There's also a Melbourne market guide too.)

The Bargain Queen's favourite markets around Sydney are:
  • Glebe markets
  • Balmain markets
  • Paddy's fruit market
  • Sydney fish market
  • The Rocks market, where The Bargain Queen's brother-in-law sells his super-funky lamps
The Bargain Queen has no idea why so much fuss is made about the Dixon St night markets in Chinatown though. Every time The Bargain Queen has gone, it's been al fresco dining (no big deal anywhere outside Sydney) with a few stalls of cheap imported crap scattered around. Without even a decent phat thai on offer, it's no substitute for a real Asian night market!

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  • At 5:10 am, Blogger Ms. MiniDucky said…

    Those lamps are wonderful!

  • At 1:52 pm, Blogger The Bargain Queen said…

    My brother-in-law makes them all himself by hand, so I'll have to tell him what you said - it's always nice to get positive feedback :)


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