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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Your best-ever bargains, part two!

To finish off The Bargain Queen's first-ever Carnivale of Couture, here's some amazing bargains submitted by the carnivale's lovely participants.

Firstly, the fabulous people who posted pictures, because The Bargain Queen gets all excited over pictures:

Ms Shoewawa found bargain Robert Clergerie shoes, reduced from £200 to a mere £29.99. Take a look at the pic, they're fanastic!

Ivy Frozen's best bargains are $10 Charlotte Russe cowboy boots for winter and $5 Mudd leopard print sandals for summer. Both super-cute! Plus she praised The Bargain Queen, which makes her our new favourite person ;)

Geekigirl has pics of two pairs of Diesel shoes ($20 and $50 respectively), plus the most gorgeous chocolate Bossa dress. Love love love that dress!

Kathleen Fasanella, who has a blog called Fashion Incubator that The Bargain Queen can't recommend highly enough, said:

My best bargain was a vintage silk slip made in Hong Kong in the forties. It is all hand sewn, bias seams, french embroidery; it is beyond exquisite. Photos and posting of it are here.

I paid $1 for it, I bought it from a dry cleaner was closing his business and it had been left by a customer several years before.

I have another item, absolutely incredible. A fully sequined floor length gown. Please note, the sequins are not plastic - no, they're mother of pearl!!!!! Maybe I'll post that tomorrow. (Please, please do! - BQ) I also got it from the dry cleaner. I think it was $2.

As for equally fabulous bargains without photos...

Scarpediem got a stack of amazing finds, from Robert Clergerie shoes to great bags and clothes. When The Bargain Queen makes it to Philadelphia, she'll be getting some recommendations on where to shop!

Leek in Chicago said...
I got a pair of apple green Manolo Blahniks on sale at Neiman's and I have worn them so many times, and gotten so many compliments - they were truly worth the price if you calculate price per wearing (while on sale, they still were not
(Ooooh, Manolos... stop drooling Bargain Queen, you're going to wreck the keyboard.)

...and Kristopher Dukes got one of the best bargains The Bargain Queen has ever heard of...

I bought a 1970's emerald chiffon gown with gold lame embroidery - labeled Miss
Dior - for $1. Are you turning green like my lovely gown? Also have bought a
1960's white mink coat for $30, and a vintage white mink Saks cap for $8. I love
buying fur in LA.

Monica said...
I don't think I can top Kristopher Dukes. However, I have bought an Emporio
Armani dress in black wool for $10. And yesterday, I arrived at my favorite
consignment shop as they were clearing out old items, and I got a pair of
Adrienne Vittadini heels in black leather for free.
Style Bard posted about a fantastic suede rock star coat she got on ebay for $50, and also said...

Non-fashion-wise, I got an amazing vintage coffee table that's huge and in good
condition for $1.99 and while I can't imagine what I've spent over the years
hauling it around while I move from place to place, the point is that it was a
major bargain and I love that damn table.

...and last but not least, what's The Bargain Queen's best-ever bargain?

You'll have to wait a couple of days to find out. Being without telephone, internet connection and desk because she moved house has slowed The Bargain Queen down a little. They've said someone will connect the phone on Friday afternoon, fingers crossed they'll show up this time...

So come back soon for The Bargain Queen's best-ever bargain. But in the meantime, the Carnivale is moving on to the fabulous Style Graduate. Can't wait to see her topic!

PS: A big thanks must go to Manolo, for your super-fabulous Carnivale organising. Thank you!

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  • At 5:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I bought a pair of earrings at a rummage sale for 10 cents. They were old fashioned screwbacks, a hanging glass oval with small flies (yes, the insect) set on top of each of them, encrusted with some sort of stones. As I handed the 10 cents to the woman with the cash box wrinkled her nose and said "how ugly". Later I took them to a jeweler friend to find out that they were French, Victorian, Tested 18k gold, Crystal and the stones set in the flies were flawless mine cut diamonds. She said that they were worth well over $1500.


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