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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The Bargain Queen is posting a little less than usual this week because:
  1. She's working on some technical stuff (new domain name, new hosting and a switch to Wordpress) to make this blog even better.
  2. She's setting up a second blog because she's addicted to fashion coverage and wants to blog about it, and...
  3. Her offline life is hectic. She's had to organise the mother of all fire inspections tomorrow, which meant consulting owners, tenants, the local Council, two fire engineers and too many other people to mention. Dull but necessary.
If she finds any great bargains online she'll post them immediately, but otherwise you'll have to console yourself with a great giveaway, courtesy of the lovely Julie Fredrickson from Almost Girl and Coutorture:

Contest closed.

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  • At 2:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi there BQ!

    Absolutely love your blog, very inspiring thoughts on fashion, frugality and finance. *thumbs up*

    Much love all the way from Singapore!

    Cheers! FH

  • At 8:34 am, Blogger The Bargain Queen said…

    Thanks for your kind words FH! It's wonderful to be appreciated.

    PS: I LOVE Singapore. Such a bustling and vibrant place, and not much more humid than Sydney ;)

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