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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tidy your room, save a fortune

The Bargain Queen keeps a (mostly) well-organised home. Why? Because it saves a stack of money! If you're skeptical, check out this great article on How Clutter Chases Money Away (via Frugal for Life):
  • Has your desk ever been so cluttered that you forgot to pay a bill and wasted cash on a late fee?
  • Has your cluttered purse caused you to forget to enter in a debit card purchase and you then overdrew your account?
  • Have you ever injured yourself in your own home when you tripped over "stuff" cluttering up walkways?
  • Have you ever bought something that you already owned, simply because you couldn't find the item in question?
  • Have you ever found overdue late library books or movie rentals under your messy car seats?
The Bargain Queen has done every single one of the dumb things on that list, and some other more creative ones too. In fact, she was once known for her slovenliness and disorganisation. Now, apart from a 'to do' stack in her office that's never fully done, The Bargain Queen keeps a reasonably organised house. And if The Bargain Queen can do that, so can you!

If you're not sure where to start there are some great tips in the article, and stay tuned for some of The Bargain Queen's own solutions.

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  Want more? Visit The Bargain Queen's new site.