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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Potato chips: $2 each

The Bargain Queen would like to know, what ever happened to generous portion sizes? We went to a restaurant in Newtown called Oscillate Wildly last night for a friend's birthday, and left wondering where the rest of the food was.

While The Bargain Queen thought the food was excellent (except there was so little of it), Mr Bargain Queen decided his was inedible and ate nothing all night. This meant that, by eating both hers and Mr Bargain Queen's food, The Bargain Queen felt pleasantly just-full at the end of the night. For a special night out though, The Bargain Queen would prefer to feel uncomfortably gluttonously full, since an occasional treat is all the better for over-eating. But really, if The Bargain Queen had eaten only her own meal and felt just-full at the end, she would've been happy enough.

To make it even worse, neither of us are huge eaters, so we refuse to accept that the food was the right size but our appetites were too big. Seriously, The Bargain Queen's ($23) main was a small portion of fish with six chips and a tablespoon of salad on the side - and that's not an exaggeration. We'll call that $10 of fish, $1 of salad and $2 each for the chips (which were the best The Bargain Queen has ever tasted, but still only worth about $1 each).

The Bargain Queen really hopes this isn't the start of an Australian nouvelle cuisine trend, where two over-cooked asparagus spears warrant a line on the menu to trumpet their scintillating fabulosity. Or on second thoughts, The Bargain Queen hopes that's where Sydney food is headed - for the sake of her budget. We'll never eat out again!

Note: Apart from the micro-portions, Oscillate Wildly was brilliant. Nice decor, great service, super-tasty food, a little loud but that was probably our drunk friends... if we could get double helpings of everything, we'd go back tomorrow. Or at least, The Bargain Queen would. Mr Bargain Queen rated it all as inedible, but there's no accounting for (lack of) taste.

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