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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stop buying magazines!

The Bargain Queen LOVES checking out celebrity outfits, although she would never, ever slavishly copy anyone else's outfit, no matter how famous/ cool/ rich/ whatever they are. But copy-catting aside, some celebrity images are inspiring and beautiful, others are just so much fun to be bitchy about.

Now if you want to spend lots of money keeping up with what Lindsay Lohan's wearing, you can buy magazines. But if you want to get them before they're published in the mags, for FREE, you can check the sites magazine editors use. According to The Bargain Queen's magazine sources, is currently the best source of celebrity images, and Getty Images is pretty popular among Voguettes.

Just don't visit these sites if you have other things to do, they're kind of addictive and The Bargain Queen is now due to leave for drinks and still in her trackies. Oops!

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