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Sunday, April 02, 2006

New site design!

The Bargain Queen has been quiet for a couple of days (but Mr Bargain Queen says she never shuts up...) and now you can see why: she's been busy re-designing the site.

The Bargain Queen loves having things noone else has, so an off-the-rack site template simply wasn't cutting it. Dan Rubin's Thisaway Rose is a great design, it just doesn't scream 'The Bargain Queen' quite loud enough.

While she was changing over the design, the site template was broken, so no posts for a couple of days. Sorry about that!

Feedback on the new design would be very much appreciated. Or if you find anything that's broken, send The Bargain Queen an email.

Now back to the regular posting schedule...

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  Want more? Visit The Bargain Queen's new site.