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Thursday, March 23, 2006

No longer a seedling sucker

While The Bargain Queen gets most of her plants cheaply, she has been known to buy seedlings from time to time - mostly because it seemed like the only way to grow things that aren't typically given away. It might sound silly but growing from seed seemed intimidating, time-consuming and way too difficult. Every pack of seeds The Bargain Queen picked up stated that seed raising containers and special potting mix are needed, and then you have to find a spot that's sunny buy doesn't get direct sunlight. It all sounds so hard!

However, it did also occur to The Bargain Queen that plants grew from seed long before the invention of special seed raising potting mix so perhaps it's not strictly necessary. Upon asking her flatmate, The Bargain Queen was told that paper kitchen towels do just as good a job.

So The Bargain Queen gave it a go and these are the results a week later:

All those green bits are baby now pea plants!

It's just an ordinary plate with a stack of four ordinary paper kitchen towels (scrunched at the edges) on it. The seeds were sprinkled randomly on top and kept moist with tap water. For the first couple of days there were a couple more paper towels on top but the seedlings didn't seem to be able to bust through them so they were taken off after that. Really, planting them in the garden will be more work than growing the seedlings has been.

Now admittedly, these are snow pea seedlings which are apparently about the easiest thing on earth to grow. Plus (completely by chance) The Bargain Queen managed to sprout them at exactly the right time of year (it's early autumn here in Sydney). Still it's a promising enough result that The Bargain Queen's just started a second tray of seedlings, this time with some native Australian flower seeds.

As for the snow peas, these will go in The Bargain Queen's potted kitchen garden in the pots where the tomato plants with no tomatoes have been all summer. Can't wait for fresh snow peas out of the garden, yummo!

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