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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Showing off: $20 of new clothes

The response to The Bargain Queen's first show-off post was really positive, so she's decided to share some more of her bargains with you.

A couple of weeks ago, The Bargain Queen went op shopping - which is what us Aussies call thrift shopping. For a grand total of $20 she bought all of the following:

Vintage belt, $8

The Bargain Queen wears a belt almost every day, but she's really picky and rarely finds anything she likes when she goes shopping. This one looks fantastic with jeans and can also finish a black dress nicely, so she had to snap it up.

Black evening dress, $5

The Bargain Queen snaps up cheap evening dresses for a completely different reason. Although she has few occasions to wear a dress, keeping a few on hand works because they're SO expensive if you have to buy one in a hurry. For someone as picky as The Bargain Queen, it's hard to find good evening wear at retail for under $500 - and then it'll only be worn once. Madness!

So when The Bargain Queen finds a cheap dress that looks great on her she buys it, even if she doesn't know when she'll wear it. Buying three ten-dollar dresses but only wearing one is still cheaper than buying a single new dress... over ten times cheaper!

And best of all, it takes all the anxiety out of dressing for a formal event, since The Bargain Queen usually has something to wear hanging in her wardrobe so she only has to buy shoes. (Don't tell Mr Bargain Queen that new shoes aren't strictly necessary for all formal occasions. There are things it's best he doesn't know...)

Shiny shirt, $2

This shirt really hasn't come up well in the photo, but in real life it's shiny and a bit sexy looking. One more shirt option fits in well with The Bargain Queen's wardrobe. She buys few bottoms as she spends more money on them, but fills out her wardrobe with lots of inexpensive tops in the hope that noone will notice she wears the same jeans every day ;)

Cute summer top, $2

The Australian summer has just ended, so it'll be a few months before The Bargain Queen has a chance to wear this. But it's cute, a little bit different and pure cotton so it'll be great on really hot days - a no-sunburn alternative to the Aussie singlet in summer.

It has a couple of marks on the front, but for $2 it's worth the effort of soaking it in bleach for a few hours to see if they disappear (and if they don't, it goes back to the op shop and that $2 is a donation to a good cause).

Designer evening top, $3

Last but not least, The Bargain Queen's best find this time was a Zimmerman evening top for $3! It's got a draped, ruched front (which hasn't shown up very well in the photo) and is made from a slightly shimmery spandex. Zimmerman is one of The Bargain Queen's favourite Australian designers so she's thrilled to find this top so cheaply!

Hooray for bargains!!

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