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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Showing off: walking shoes

The Bargain Queen has been contemplating whether she ought to show off her bargains for a while now. On the one hand, getting a great deal on something you need should always be celebrated. On the other hand, it's so frustrating to hear about someone else's brilliant bargain and realise you've missed out. In the end, she's decided that showing how far money can go with a little effort and creativity will hopefully inspire you, not annoy you. (If I'm wrong, leave a comment and I'll stop showing off.)

So on to the bargains.

Last weekend, The Bargain Queen's sister told her about a sale that Myer (one of Australia's biggest department store chains) are having, with discounts on pretty much every category of merchandise. The Bargain Queen went looking for sports shoes because she walks a LOT but can't bring herself to spend a lot of money on shoes she finds ugly no matter how practical they are. So she bought:

1. Trail running sneakers. $41.23 down from $159.95

The Bargain Queen's hiking boots are quickly wearing out and probably irreplacable. They're also way too hot for walking in Australia in summer. Hence these ones: they're kind of ugly, but when only koalas, kangaroos and outdoors-y types will see her, even The Bargain Queen relaxes her stylistic standards a little.

2. Reasonably attractive sneakers. $26.23 down from $99.95

Here's a quandary: say you often walk 10 km (6 miles) in a day around the city, but don't want to resort to wearing ugly sneakers to do it. Is there a stylish shoe for serious walking? The Bargain Queen has tried Converse and Birkenstocks, but their comfort wears out at 2km (1.2 miles) and 6km (3.5 miles) respectively. This is her latest attempt at looking stylish while keeping her feet comfy, soon to be taken out for their first test-walk. Fingers crossed they'll succeed where the others have failed; if not, they're not too expensive a mistake.

PS: If you're in Australia, the sale's still on for another couple of weeks and last season's stock is now 75% off the marked-down price! (It was 50% off reduced prices when I bought these, so if there's any of them left, they'll be even cheaper.)

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  • At 3:06 pm, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Hey, I think it's okay to show, actually kinda fun. And I think you got a great deal. I walk alot too (3 m daily at lunch) and I spent alot more than that on my most recent shoes. I'd describe them, but maybe I'll just shine them up and post a picture, too.

    I kinda like the bright Reeboks.

  • At 3:18 am, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Hey, I'm back again, hope I'm not getting too annoying. Here's my post about my shoes. BUT -- I admit I've never tried to take them 6 miles (they are definitely better than Converse).

  • At 10:19 am, Blogger The Bargain Queen said…

    Great shoe buy Rebecca! I LOVE bargain shoes, especially when you can walk in them too!

    Funny cross cultural thing - when I saw your first comment, it took me a few seconds to register that '3m' is '3 miles'. In Australia we use the same abbreviation for '3 metres' which is roughly 10 feet... not a long way to walk! Then I worked it out and realised it's way too far to walk in heels ;)


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