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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Online surveys: mostly (but not all) scams

If you spend time online, you've probably seen ads that say something like "you can earn hundreds of dollars doing surveys at home". If you've got a skeptical bone in your body, you've probably concluded it's a scam, and rightly so. It's not possible to earn much money taking surveys - but you might get some free movie tickets like The Bargain Queen did!

A few months ago, The Bargain Queen heard about a site called pureprofile that promises modest rewards like movie tickets, CDs, DVDs and gift vouchers if you take their surveys. She was initially a little wary, but it all looked legitimate so she gave it a go... and five months later, got two movie tickets for her troubles. To earn them, she did about two surveys a month, which took between two and twenty minutes each. That doesn't work out to a fantastic hourly rate, but considering that it came out of time she spends checking email each day, The Bargain Queen's happy with it. (She also secretly likes taking surveys in the hope that companies make more things to her taste.)

So what's the down side? Their customer service is really poor, so try not to email them lest you be treated with as much suspicion as The Bargain Queen was!

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