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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Showing off: two winter coats, $126

In Australia, the coldest part of winter has just started so it's time to pull out some warm clothing.

This is a clothing category The Bargain Queen usually neglects because she lives in Sydney where there's only three 'cold' months a year and it never gets below freezing. We have no snow, no frozen waterways and not much frost... but we also don't have the fantastic ducted heating which is standard in colder places. That means we don't have the option of throwing a long North Face coat over our outfit until we get where we're going because indoor and outdoor temperatures don't vary as much. So here, your warm layers have to be an integral part of the ensemble because you're going to be wearing them most of the day.

So after looking at her pathetic selection of winter coats, The Bargain Queen decided it was time to go shopping. Here's what she came home with:

Warm puffy grey jacket, $50

grey winter jacket

This was $50, marked down from $130 at Witchery in Birkenhead Point in Sydney. It isn't glamourous but it's warm and waterproof which makes it very useful. It replaces a threadbare, oversized snowboarding jacket The Bargain Queen's worn on wet days for the last five years - an unfortunate consequence of buying beauty over practicality. 'Nuff said.

Black military jacket, $76.30

black winter jacket

Like most black clothes, this hasn't photographed very well. It's a black military-style shrunken blazer that was $76.30 down from $169 at the David Jones Warehouse in Birkenhead Point.

While it's not very warm by itself, The Bargain Queen bought it a couple of sizes large so she can wear a sweater underneath it. The combined warmth of a cotton t-shirt, cotton sweater, cotton blazer and a scarf is usually enough in Sydney, even in the depths of winter.

As for the military thing, The Bargain Queen loves the big brass buttons and the cute little epaulettes... but is military in or out this year? Every 'hot or not' column she's seen recently has mentioned it, but they're equally split on whether it's 'new and great', 'completely over' or 'classic'. It's all way too confusing for The Bargain Queen: one more reason she ignores the dictates of fashion and just does what works for her!

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