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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why we love imaginary shopping

The Bargain Queen loves beautiful things. Love love LOVES them. But that doesn't mean she can have all the gorgeous things she'd like. For example, she's currently in love with some stunning Marc Jacobs heels, and they're $500 Australian on sale. Eep! No way they're going to fit into this year's clothes budget!

The Bargain Queen's response to having a crush on unaffordable Marc Jacobs goodies is to check eBay, and a few other American sites. What counts as new season, $800+ merchandise in Australia is often already in the hands of eBay sellers and discounted to US$200 elsewhere. That's still expensive, but it's in 'occasional treat' territory rather than being completely off limits.

Unfortunately, noone has these particular shoes on eBay any more - they're from three seasons ago and they're still $500 here. The Bargain Queen is in the mood to name and shame, so it's David Jones she's talking about here. They sell lovely things, but some of them have been on the shop floor for years!

So The Bargain Queen consoled herself with some imaginary shopping. Instead of buying a single thing she can't afford, she finds a whole lot of gorgeous things online, puts them in her shopping cart, then looks at the total and gets really pleased that she's leaving that money in the bank instead!

This was The Bargain Queen's latest imaginary shopping expedition:

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, $197

Tocca jacket, $249

...and since imaginary shopping has no limits in terms of extravagence...

Gucci watch, $600

So for three little items, if The Bargain Queen could pick anything she wanted, it'd be US$1,046. That's a pretty steep imaginery total! Add in international shipping, tax and insurance and it's US$1,390, which is almost $1,800 Australian... which is a cheap airfare to Europe or an all-expenses-paid holiday in New Caledonia.

Suddenly, The Bargain Queen's happy with her budget-conscious life again!

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