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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Flea control: don't get bitten

Speaking of Queen Kitty, the adorable little munchkin has been having the usual summer flea problems. (Queen Kitty's dignity will never be the same now the world knows she's cheap and has fleas. The Bargain Queen is an inconsiderate kitty-mummy.)

Flea treatment can be so expensive that The Bargain Queen thought, "there has to be a better way" and did some comparison shopping. This is what she found out:
  • At the local Westfield shopping mall pet store, Revolution costs $50 for 3 months
  • At the vet, it costs $75 for 6 months
  • At, it costs $30.67 for 3 months or $57.77 for 6 months, plus $4.45 postage
Ordering online is only worthwhile though, if the order arrives quickly. After using vetshopaustralia twice, The Bargain Queen thinks they're brilliant. Each time, the products have arrived in 2-3 days, with no fuss at all.

You can guess where The Bargain Queen's getting her kitty products from now on!

Disclaimer: The Bargain Queen does not get paid for her recommendations, and reserves the right to withdraw them at any time if the recommendee makes her or any of her treasured readers cranky.

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  • At 9:59 am, Blogger kt said…

    Okay, so now comes the crunch question. Where can you get good quality cat food for reasonable prices?

  • At 10:22 am, Blogger The Bargain Queen said…

    Very qood question! This is something The Bargain Queen's been thinking about a lot lately. There'll be a post on it soon :)

  • At 2:00 pm, Blogger The Bargain Queen said…

    Update: Revolution's even cheaper at - $28.54 for 3 months or $53.84 for 6 months, plus $5.50 postage.

    They also have stores: There's one at 149 Oxford St, Bondi Junction. But no guarantee that the prices will be as cheap in the store.


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