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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Bargain Queen's ultimate shopping destination - Scottsboro, Alabama?

Have you ever chosen a holiday destination solely for the shopping opportunities there? Or even so you can visit one particular very special shop?

The Bargain Queen wouldn't normally choose a travel destination that way - seeing beautiful places and interesting things, visiting family and friends or practising speaking French (very badly) are normally much stronger motivations. If there's great shopping along the way, all the better, but it just seems so shallow for that to be the main motivation.

There is one exception though, and it's not Muji or Uniqlo or Petit Bateau. It's the Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Scottsboro, Alabama. The Bargain Queen would seriously alter a travel itinerary just to check this place out, even though most of her American friends are from the north and say not-so-nice things about the south.

This store is where unclaimed baggage from all over the world ends up and is sold, and it sounds like a cool place to go for three reasons. Firstly, The Bargain Queen keeps hearing about amazing bargains people have found there. Secondly, there's something fascinating about the strange things people take on airlines and subsequently lose. Thirdly, a big thrift store is always a good place to check out and this one gets pretty good reviews.

There are a few items for sale on their web site: Alexander McQueen pumps for $112.50; Dior driving loafers for $100; a book on the Facial Makeup of the Peking Opera for $15; Bang & Olufsen earphones for $75 and various iPods for $125, $135 and $185 (all prices in US dollars if you're wondering). The big attraction is the 7,000 'new' items on the shelves each day though, and the vast majority of these are not on the site. Sigh.

So next time The Bargain Queen heads States-side, she's off to Alabama for a spot of shopping. What an unlikely place to pick!

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  • At 5:26 pm, Blogger Henri-V said…

    I have wanted to visit this place for years!!! There should be an "international frugal people" fieldtrip there.

    Congrats about the new residence -- hope all is well.


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