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Monday, May 22, 2006

Catching up with the ones we love

The Bargain Queen's been spending some time catching up on the blogs she loves after being offline for so long! Here's some highlights:
  • Designer Ella on what she hates about fashion... I'm sure we've all felt that way when we need something specific (new work outfit, flattering evening wear, jeans that make your bum look fantastic) and the gods of fashion have decreed that noone wants that this year so not a single store stocks it, no matter how much you have to spend.

  • Street fashion photos on She's A Betty. The Bargain Queen loves great real outfits so much more than high fashion photo shoots, although she's also pretty partial to the latter. But while striking images are great, there's nothing better than seeing how someone ties their scarf or layers their jackets and thinking 'I could do that' - especially when it works when you try it and you've suddenly got a great new look for free!

  • Jory des Jardins talked about her own wedding ambivalence and linked to Make Love, Not Debt. The Bargain Queen wants to personally start an 'end the $30,000+ wedding' campaign. If you love weddings and want to spend a lot that's great, but why should we all feel pressured to do it? Why do the 'simple' weddings in magazines still have 120+ guests, $4,000 wedding gowns and matching bridesmaid ensembles? (The Bargain Queen doesn't hate any of her friends enough to make them wear a bridesmaid dress, let alone pay for it themselves and go to all the fittings.) Why do aunts who never call and haven't invited you to anything in years suddenly hate you if they don't invite them to your wedding?

  • And in blog-world news, Coutorture got a mention in Women's Wear Daily. Congratulations Julie!

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  • At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anne said…

    Yeah I think I am throwing a whole wedding on less than what most brides pay for their dress. Mine was clearance from J. Crew. And I told my bridesmaid what color the flowers were and just said find something nice and she did (for $30 on sale at Nordstroms, no less), so I'm pretty proud of us!


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