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Friday, February 24, 2006

Are 'economical' appliances a crock?

The Bargain Queen tries to do the right thing environmentally, without making herself miserable in the process. But sometimes, the 'right thing' really doesn't make a difference.

For example, our dishwasher: it's ten or fifteen years old, so the brand can go unnamed as they've hopefully improved. It has an 'eco' mode which supposedly saves water, electricity, money and fluffy bunnies. (OK, The Bargain Queen made up the bunnies.) But the eco mode does such a poor job of washing dishes that a third of them need a second wash to get clean. So overall, is that still better? Or is it worse? The Bargain Queen doesn't know, but she does get cranky putting the same dishes through twice.

So, environmentally unfriendly mode it is.

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