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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why $15 is too much for a bloke's haircut

A few months ago, The Bargain Queen got cranky with the sub-standard $15 haircuts Mr Bargain Queen was getting and decided to learn to do it herself. We bought a $30ish hair clipper, and every haircut since then has been free. But it wasn't until The Bargain Queen found this post on Frugal Focus that we tallied up our savings:
Estimating $12/haircut/month this also allows me to save about $432 annually in hair cut costs for me and my two young sons. Less the annual clipper set (~$40) and I'm still ahead about $390/year.
Our saving is more like $150/year, since only Mr Bargain Queen's hair meets the clippers. (The Bargain Queen herself will never skimp on highlights. Never!) Still, that's enough for one very nice dinner out each year, and more importantly, Mr Bargain Queen's hair is now acceptable at all times. Why pay someone to send your husband home with unevenly trimmed hair? Madness!

As an aside, the Frugal Focus guy calls that haircut the 'I give up' and suggests it is the sole province of balding men. The Bargain Queen would like it noted that Mr Bargain Queen still has a full, luxuriant head of boofy Jewish hair. The 'I give up' was not chosen to minise the difference in appearance between his bald and hirsute patches. Rather, it's the only low-maintenance haircut that keeps Mr Bargain Queen from looking like a circus clown in a business suit. Enough said.

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  • At 12:18 am, Blogger Humble Investor said…

    Well-stated Bargain Queen - the hirsute male with a well-groomed 'I give up' is the epitomy of male hair-centric confidence. Not only does his DIY haircut say "I saved $12", but moreso, "I could be Hasselhoff but I choose a Savalas"!


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