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Friday, February 24, 2006

How to keep your hobby without going broke.

The Bargain Queen was in Lincraft today (an Australian craft supplies chain store) and found some great bargains she's going the share with you.

Firstly, the price of cross stitch kits has really come down from a few years ago. The Bargain Queen has a real soft spot for cross stitch (memories of growing up in the country) and is thrilled that it's now a reasonably priced hobby. Especially tempting are a 5" x 7" butterfly design that was $5 for the kit and a 4" x 4" Sturt's Desert Pea design for $8. There were also needlepoint kits for $2 and a cute little cross stitch prawn for $3. Gorgeous!

Secondly, the scrapbooking albums were a LOT cheaper than at Kmart. The Bargain Queen isn't especially into scrapbooking - too fussy-looking - but a $12 acid-free album with a cute striped cover is a great deal for someone else.

Lastly, it's not a bargain, but they have knitting nancies for $10! They're incredibly cute but The Bargain Queen has no idea what she's make with one. Perhaps some hideous placemats like the ones she made as a kid?

She bought nothing today, but The Bargain Queen has worked out there and three spare 5" x 7" frames sitting in the house waiting for some gorgeous cross stich, so she'll be back soon.

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