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Friday, February 24, 2006

Why pay for puzzles?

The Bargain Queen is totally addicted to sudoku, to the point that Mr Bargain Queen thinks it's a bit unhealthy (but what would he know?). If every sudoku The Bargain Queen completed had been purchased in one of those cute little books, she would be completely broke by now. Or probably even in debt.

But thankfully, The Bargain Queen stumbled across the London Times' Interactive Su Doku puzzles and does them online for free instead!

They're also in the Sydney Morning Herald, but you have to buy the paper to get them. Qantas and JetStar inflight magazines have them too, so they're free if you've already got a plane ticket. Or if you must buy a book, the airport is the worst place to get them. If you can stop at a regular newsagent beforehand, you'll pay about $4 instead of $10, and every little bit counts.

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