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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Who hates IKEA?

The Bargain Queen has a love-hate relationship with IKEA. On the one hand, they have some great stuff at very reasonable prices. The storage solutions above have The Bargain Queen drooling into her keyboard, LOVE beautiful wardrobes!

On the other hand, some of their stuff is really poor quality, and they're so annoyingly well-marketed that everyone I know ends up buying the same stuff, like the Morker work lamp:

For $9 it's a great buy, but it doesn't seem as cool when you can walk into almost anyone's house and say "I've got that lamp too!".

The Bargain Queen does, however, love the Hej tealight holders she bought there:

These sit in The Bargain Queen's dining room, right next to the Ittala Ballos they're 'inspired by':

The Bargain Queen LOVES high-low mixing, and the Ballos look even more stunning with their miniature IKEA friends around them.

And lastly, The Bargain Queen is kicking herself for not having noticed the Lingo storage boxes sooner:

So pretty! And at $7 for the pair, these are cheaper than the fabric The Bargain Queen bought to cover some plain boxes with, which still need to be done. Still, The Bargain Queen's handmade ones will be completely unique, so she won't see them in every other house she visits.

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