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Friday, February 24, 2006

Winter wardrobe; Excuse to wear sexy boots.

The Bargain Queen had a wander around the shops today, to see the the new winter stock that's just come in. Believe it or not The Bargain Queen does buy things full-priced sometimes; she just does here research first. The priorities at the moment are jackets and boots, since The Bargain Queen's wardrobe lacks both these things.

So here's what The Bargain Queen's crazy about for winter:

David Jones have these Marc Jacobs rain boots in blue for $240. The Bargain Queen seriously needs some rain boots and these would be fantastic. If the ones above on eBay were The Bargain Queen's size, she would totally be bidding on them!

Cue had some cute knock-offs of the fabulous Roland Mouret Galaxy dress, although it's not really The Bargain Queen's style so this hot trend will be left for someone else. The whole store is full of stuff that's amazing on curvy girls (which The Bargain Queen isn't).

Kookai had two great jackets, one in midnight blue velvet and one in bright blue cotton for $219 each. The Bargain Queen doesn't have single blazer that fits right now, so one of these could be brilliant. Although Kookai's clothes don't usually fit The Bargain Queen unfortunately, so hopefully there'll be something similar elsewhere.

There was also a cute top in Supre, which The Bargain Queen will think about and maybe go back for. The Bargain Queen has stacks of tops, so it's hard to justify any more, although this one's a very different style to anything else in her wardrobe.

Overall The Bargain Queen's thrilled with winter's structured, feminine clothes. The Bargain Queen hated boho - she looks like an elephant in flounces - so it's great to see seriously sexy clothing back in the stores!

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